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Wound Spray

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Iodin Spray - 500ml

Iodin Spray - 500ml

Troy Iodin Spray assists in treating askin and wound abrasions nd prevention of skin infections. Use Iodin to disinfect the skin before surgery or injections or to treat infections or cuts.Features and Benefits* Suitable for dogs, cats, horses, cattle and sheep* Can be used to treat ringworm* Treats…

Cetrigen Spray - 500ml

Cetrigen Spray - 500ml

Virbac Cetrigen is formulated to treat cuts, scrapes and superficial wounds.The antibacterial formula assists in prtoecting the wound while it heals.Features and Benefits* Contains insect repellant* Suitable for cattle, sheep, pigs, horses and poultry* Purple dye to clearly see the treated area


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