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Exo Terra UVB150 Compact Desert Lamp 26W

Exo Terra UVB150 Compact Desert Lamp 26W

…has a very high UVB output similar to sunlight in deserts. These locations receive more direct sunlight, therefore desert reptiles are more exposed to UV radiation than any other type of reptile. This bulb can also be used on terrariums with denser screen covers to ensure sufficient UVB penetration.…

Compact Max Globe 10.0

Compact Max Globe 10.0

…Globe is a UV flourescent globe, suitable for desert species of reptiles and turtles. UVB is essential for the synthesis of vitamin D and calcium motabolism in reptiles and amphibians - this globe emits 10% UVB at 12" as well as high levels of UVA.Features and Benefits* Screw in attachment* Compact…

Exo Terra Desert Habitat Starter Kit

Exo Terra Desert Habitat Starter Kit

…Exo Terra Glass Terrarium features front opening doors, allowing easy access for maintenance and feeding. The full screen top ventilation permits the UVB rays from the compact fluorescent lighting system to penetrate deep into the terrarium. The Exo Terra Compact Top Canopy (included) was especially…

Zoo Med - Floating Turtle Dock

Zoo Med - Floating Turtle Dock

The Zoo Med Turtle Dock is a floating dock suitable for aquatic turtles to bask on. The sumberged ramp allows easy access to the dry basking area, which provides maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps, while the self levelling design of the dock automatically adjusts to all water levels.

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