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Ware Hay/Pellet Combo Feeder

Ware Hay/Pellet Combo Feeder

The Ware Hay & Pellet Combo Feeder is a simple and convenient way to feed your rabbit or guinea pig. Hay can be placed in the hay rack at the back of the feeder and pellets sit in the spacious dish in front. The Hay Feeder takes up minimal space and reduces food wastage. Will hang on any wire cage.…

PETstock - Rabbit and Guinea Pig Food - Pellets

PETstock - Rabbit and Guinea Pig Food - Pellets

…Pigs can sometimes be selective feeders, as their natural instinct is to forage. There for feeding a pelleted diet ensures an evenly mixed and blended diet, without the risk of your bunny or guinea only picking out his favourite parts of the mix. The crunchy pellets are also benficial for oral…

$8.99 - $14.99
Sera - Tropical Granules - Fish Food

Sera - Tropical Granules - Fish Food

Sera Vipagram Tropical Granules are designed to be slow sinking to feed mid to top level feeders in community tanks. The granules are highly digestible and are formulated to optimize fish health, vitality and natural colour. This premium fish food reduces water pollution and algae, helping to…

$11.39 - $49.99

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