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Petlife - Baskerville Dog Muzzle

Petlife - Baskerville Dog Muzzle

The Petlife Baskerville Muzzle is designed to provide protection and comfort in one convenient product. With multiple high strength nyoln straps to hold the muzzle in place, you can rest assured that it stays on. The muzzle is made from a strong durable material, while also being flexible enough to…

$42.99 - $49.99
Sporn - Black - Stop Pull Head Halter for Dogs

Sporn - Black - Stop Pull Head Halter for Dogs

The Sporn Head Halter is an easy-to-use harness for friendly pull control. It provides gentle guidance on the withers not on the face. It stops pulling instantly and with its "non muzzle" look, taking your best buddy for a walk will be made 100 times more enjoyable with the Sporn Head Halter.

$28.99 - $38.99

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