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Pisces - Live Mealworms

Pisces - Live Mealworms

Pisces mealworms are a clean and easily handled food for many pets, including lizards, frogs, chickens and aviary birds, adding variety and protein to your animal's diet. Mealworms are an ideal source of protein for seed-eating birds; especially important at breeding time. Eco-gardeners believe that…

$5.99 - $13.99
Peters Dried Mealworms 100g

Peters Dried Mealworms 100g

Peters Dried Mealworms are a nutritious and tasty treat for poultry and wild birds. Mealworms are high in protein and fat and rich in vitamins. Feeding Guide: Add to your hen feeder or just sprinkle them around for chickens to peck at naturally. For wild birds, add to your garden bird feeder.…


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