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Shear Magic Grooming Glove

Shear Magic Grooming Glove

…best friend, so the grooming glove helps you to multi-task. The Magic groo ming glove helps clean and soften their coat and eliminates tangles and matts. It also lifts hair from furniture, fabrics and carpets. How to use: Rubber tips gently remove loose hair while massaging your dog. Turn the glove…

PetLife Professional Rake & Knot Remover Duo

PetLife Professional Rake & Knot Remover Duo

…other side gets tough on stubborn tangles. Ideal for long haired breeds and outdoor dogs who et matted or tangled during play.Features and Benefits* Ergonomically designed soft grip handle for comfortable grip* Assists in removing matts, tangles and knots* Loosens and untangles your dog's undercoat

Shear Magic - Double Sided Dog Brush

Shear Magic - Double Sided Dog Brush

…follicles to promote new growth. Ergonomic hand and thumb grip providing you comfort and ease whist grooming your pet. One side is designed to comb out matts with coated metal pins and the other bristle side creates a shiny finished coat. This is an ideal all around dog brush suitable for any dog to…

$22.99 - $23.99
Masterpet GlamourPuss Slicker Brush

Masterpet GlamourPuss Slicker Brush

The GlamourPuss Slicker Brush removes matts, tangles and loose hairs, that with regular use helps to reduce moulting. Brushing distributes natural oils promoting a shiny and healthy coat.


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