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Hermit Crab Starter Kit

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Hermit Crab Starter Kit

Hermit Crab Starter Kit

This starter kit will give you everything you need to house a happy hermit crab family. The kit includes a low voltage heat mat, ceramic substrate and ornamental tree stump to keep your buddies warm and entertained along with three bowls, hermit crab food, salt and water conditioner. Made from easy…

Aquatopia Hermit Crab Starter Kit

Aquatopia Hermit Crab Starter Kit

This pack will give you a head start to build a happy hermit crab habitat. With a 20L plastic tank, gravel, three dishes for food and both fresh and salt water, an ornamental palm tree and a care sheet full of tips and instructions, you'll have a mini paradise ready for your crustacean chums to move…

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