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Halti Head Collar

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Petlife - Halti - Non Pull - Head Collar fo Dogs

Petlife - Halti - Non Pull - Head Collar fo Dogs

The Petlife Halti Head Collar combines comfort and control, it is manufactured with soft yet strong nylon webbing, with a soft neoprene nose band for added comfort. Simply attach your lead to the Halti's connecting ring and see the improvement. As your dog pulls away, the Halti will gently close…

$16.49 - $28.99
Petlife - Halti - Dog Lead

Petlife - Halti - Dog Lead

The Petlife Halti Lead is soft and comfortable to hold, and can be used as an everyday lead or as a specialist training tool. The lead is double-ended, and is ideal to use in conjunction with the Halti Head Collar or Halti Harness and is particularly useful for managing boisterous dogs.

$22.49 - $26.99

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