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Guinea Pig Hutch

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Alpine Rabbit Run Large - 154x57x51cm

Alpine Rabbit Run Large - 154x57x51cm

Constructed from pine, this hutch is ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs. Features an enclosed section for sleeping out of the elements and an open area for ventilation that has no base to give access to fresh grass. Measures 154x57x51cm.

Peters Fruit Crunchy Bar - 100gm

Peters Fruit Crunchy Bar - 100gm

…Crunchy Bars are tasty treats made from crunchy grains and seeds and dried tropical fruits for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats to enjoy. Hang a Fruit Crunchy Bar on the side of the hutch to entice your pet to reach up and nibble it. Helps to keep your pet active and stimulated when confined…


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