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Shear Magic Grooming Glove

Shear Magic Grooming Glove

Description: Made from anti-slip rubber, the glove turns grooming into quality bonding time. All dogs love a pat from their best friend, so the grooming glove helps you to multi-task. The Magic groo ming glove helps clean and soften their coat and eliminates tangles and matts. It also lifts hair…

DGG Deluxe Grooming Glove

DGG Deluxe Grooming Glove

The DGG Deluxe Grooming Glove provides a gentle and relaxed way to groom your pup. Designed to fit any hand comfortably this glove makes grooming just like patting you dog, meaning the two of you can share valuable bonding time. The glove features steel pins that follow the shape of your dog's body…

Doog Swim Towel

Doog Swim Towel

…off wet dogs after a swim in the sea or a run in the rain. Applied straight afterwards these will keep nasty niffs to a minimum. Keep one in the glove box or hang it to your Walkie Belts carabineer by the neat little airing pouch. It acts like a shammy so you can wring it dry and reuse straight…


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