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Blue Planet Aquarium Kit - 16Lt

Blue Planet Aquarium Kit - 16Lt

Contains: 16L glass tank, filter, gravel, artificial plant & lid. Introductory offer! This tank will provide the perfect home for your fish.

Aqua One 320 28L  Aquarium - Gloss White

Aqua One 320 28L Aquarium - Gloss White

AR320 Aquarium - Gloss White Dimensions: (28L) 30 W x 38 H x 33cm D

Blue Planet - Classic - Aquarium Fish Tank

Blue Planet - Classic - Aquarium Fish Tank

…top of the aquarium unit. The 3 stage filter includes a mechanical, biological and chemial component, optimising tank filtration. It has an adjustable flow regulator to suit various fish types or as required and the hood lifts for easy access and cleaning. The Blue Planet Classic also comes with a…

$107.99 - $232.99
Aquatopia Goldfish Starter Kit

Aquatopia Goldfish Starter Kit

Decorative tabletop plastic aquarium. Size: 35cmx22cmx26cm. 21 litres. Easy to setup and maintain. Fish not included. 12 month warranty. Fully equipped with: Aquatopia Internal filter. Water conditioner. 1.5 kg Natural Gravel. Ornament. Plastic Plant. 35cm x 26cm background. Instruction Sheet.

Fluval - Edge - Aquarium Fish Tank

Fluval - Edge - Aquarium Fish Tank

…areas such as countertops, desks or pedestals. The Fluval Edge includes a powerful and efficient LED lighting system that creates ideal lighting for fish and aquatic plants. The shining aquarium will bring a ray of light to dim areas begging for visual excitement. A sealed glass top allows excellent…

$269.99 - $364.99
AR620 Aquarium - Gloss Black

AR620 Aquarium - Gloss Black

Dimensions Tank: 62 W x 52 H x 39 D cm Water Capacity: 90 L Lighting: 2 x 18W PL lamps Powerhead: 750 L/hr Filtration: 2 x Carbon Cartridge with Filter Wool + 2 x Sponge Pad + Ceramic


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