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Petlife - Halti - Non Pull - Head Collar fo Dogs

Petlife - Halti - Non Pull - Head Collar fo Dogs

Halti Head Collar combines comfort and control, it is manufactured with soft yet strong nylon webbing, with a soft neoprene nose band for added comfort. Simply attach your lead to the Halti's connecting ring and see the improvement. As your dog pulls away, the Halti will gently close your dogs

$21.99 - $28.99
Petlife - Halti - Non Pull - Dog Harness

Petlife - Halti - Non Pull - Dog Harness

The Petlife Halti Harness is designed to stop pulling and calm overly boisterous dogs. By attaching your lead to the front of the harness you are controlling your dog by the chest and shoulders, giving you control and the bility to direct movement with ease. This harness has added neoprene padding…

$38.99 - $50.99
Petlife - Halti - Dog Lead

Petlife - Halti - Dog Lead

The Petlife Halti Lead is soft and comfortable to hold, and can be used as an everyday lead or as a specialist training tool. The lead is double-ended, and is ideal to use in conjunction with the Halti Head Collar or Halti Harness and is particularly useful for managing boisterous dogs.

$29.99 - $35.99

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