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Crib Stop Spray - 500ml

Crib Stop Spray - 500ml

…Simply spray on clothing, bedding, wraps and bandages, wood or household objects and the taste will deter your horse or dog from chewing. Features and Benefits* Non toxic, won't stain and can be washed out* Contains capsicum flavour, bitters and eucalyptus* Will not put your horse off their feed

No Chew Bitter Taste Spray 236ml

No Chew Bitter Taste Spray 236ml

No-Chew Bitter Taste Spray contains calming pheromone based scents which assist in decreasing anxiety in dogs. These scents soothe dogs to assist in minimising excess energy which leads to boredom and may prompt chewing. Concentrated, water-based formula contains bittering agents which leave an…

Aristopet Stop Pick Spray 250ml

Aristopet Stop Pick Spray 250ml

Aristopet Stop Pick Spray for Caged Birds contains Denatonium Benzoate, an intensely bitter tasting substance to aid in the control and treatment of feather picking in Parrots and other cage and aviary birds. In a convenient 250ml pack.


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