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Vetsense Avi-Calcium is a soluble liquid calcium supplement suitable for poultry. It includes extra vitamin D3 which supports eggshell integrity and normal bone development in young birds

Livamol - 2kg

Livamol - 2kg

Livamol is a nutritional supplement for animals and birds. Formulated from a blend of oil and seed meal specially selected to improve skin and coat health. Livmol can also improve the richness and colour of your horse's coat.Features and Benefits* Contains dried molasses for palatability* High in…

Stockgain - 5 litres

Stockgain - 5 litres

NRG Stockgain is an animal liquid sweet feed suitable for all animals and birds. Formulated from yeast and seaweed concentrates, vitamins and minerals for natural goodness. The sweet taste can be used to encourage feeding in fussy eaters or to mask the taste of medications.Features and Benefits*…


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