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Beco Bowl Pink

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BecoThings - Eco Friendly Cat Bowl

BecoThings - Eco Friendly Cat Bowl

…biodegradable when finished with. The Beco Bowl for cats has a much lower rim so that our feline friend�s sensitive whiskers don�t brush up against the sides making dinner time that much easier. Many sophisticated cats may refuse to eat out of a metal or plastic bowl but because our bamboo plastic…

$9.99 - $9.99
Beco Place Mat (Non Slip) Pink

Beco Place Mat (Non Slip) Pink

…be when eating. The Beco Place Mat provides a simple solution to keeping mealtimes clean. Manufactured from food grade silicon, the Place Mat catches spills, making cleaning up after you pet easy. The silicon surface is non-slip which prevents your pet from pushing their bowl around while eating.…

Beco Food Spork Pink (one size)

Beco Food Spork Pink (one size)

Beco Pets design and create eco-friendly pet toys and accessories. With a focus on natural, renewable and recyclable materials and sustainable resources, Beco products are good for both your pets and the environment. Beco Sporks are manufactured from bamboo and rice husks, are all natural and…


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