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Aquatopia Goldfish Starter Kit

Aquatopia Goldfish Starter Kit

Decorative tabletop plastic aquarium. Size: 35cmx22cmx26cm. 21 litres. Easy to setup and maintain. Fish not included. 12 month warranty. Fully equipped with: Aquatopia Internal filter. Water conditioner. 1.5 kg Natural Gravel. Ornament. Plastic Plant. 35cm x 26cm background. Instruction Sheet.

Aquatopia Deluxe Betta Home - 2.4ltr

Aquatopia Deluxe Betta Home - 2.4ltr

The Betta Home Deluxe Tank 2.4L comes with Water Conditioner, colourful Betta Crystals and a decorative Plant.

Aquatopia - Hermit Crab Sand

Aquatopia - Hermit Crab Sand

Aquatopia Hermit Crab Sand is the perfect way to brighten up your hermit crab's tank as it comes in a variety of colours. Hermit crabs require a humid environment, the increased surface area of the fine sand allows moisture to spread into the substrate that your crab will burrow into. Keeping them…

$10.99 - $10.99
Aquatopia - Betta Bowl with Light

Aquatopia - Betta Bowl with Light

The Aquatopia Betta Bowl is a 1.8 litre tank that comes with an LED light and a solid support base. Complementary coloured gravel and plastic plant come with the bowl. All you need for the perfect Betta setup is a heater and betta basics water conditioner. Perfect for brightening up your desk space.

$43.99 - $43.99

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